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The New York Yankees are one of the most iconic names in the baseball world. The classic logo, known worldwide, represents so much more than just a baseball team. Nowadays, a NY Yankees cap is a fashion icon, finding its place in many wardrobes around the globe.

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New York Yankees

NY Yankees – famous for both baseball and caps

The famous New York Yankees were founded in 1901. They play in the American League, which is one of the two leagues in MLB. The New York Yankees are one of the most famous teams in the baseball world. Their stadium is called the Yankee Stadium and is also one of the most famous stadiums for baseball. It is a popular tourist destination to visit the Yankee Stadium, of course, while wearing a New York Yankees cap. NY Yankees caps and the team itself are not only a famous brand but have also played really good baseball over the years. Their golden period was during the millennium when they won several consecutive years. In total, they have won the baseball league 27 times, making them the most successful MLB team.

Many famous players played in the NY Yankees. Among others, Joe DiMaggio and Derek Jeter. The player Derek Jeter has been a real legend in the NY Yankees and the entire sport. He has been featured on the NY Yankees Cap by New Era, which has of course been an important part of the history of the NY Yankees cap. The same season, he finished his career, Nike made a video tribute to him, where ordinary people along with big stars like Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, Spike Lee, and others raised their caps to show respect for the athlete Derek Jeter. Of course, most of them were wearing a NY Yankees cap, but other teams figure in the video, which describes the huge respect and popularity that Derek Jeter has.

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