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Here you will find a wide range of gym caps. Both stylish and functional caps. A lightweight and comfortable cap is excellent for sun protection during outdoor training. We have gym caps for the toughest workouts, as well as for recreational activities. When performing high cardio activities you do need a cap made of a breathable material. We have a wide selection of breathable caps from manufacturers such as Under Armor, New Era, Oakley and Hurley and many more. It is important that the cap lives up to its features. That's an area where the manufacturers have put in extra efforts especially for gym caps. Don't let sun or sweat impact your workout. Get a cap that supports your active life style!

302 products
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Caps have become a popular garment at gyms. Training and health are important parts of life. The body needs activity, and an active lifestyle requires a suitable cap. Regardless if your workout is in the gym, along a trail in the forest, in the park or along the city streets you do need a cap that can breathe and absorb sweat. Gym caps are designed in different ways to support the active person's needs. Whether you want to keep your hair out of the way, avoid sweat from the forehead stinging your eyes, keep the sun from your face when out running, or if you simply want to look cool, the cap is a great friend to hold on to.

Gym caps are made from different materials and structures that help transport heat and moisture away from the body. Brands that specialise in gym gear create their own solutions to meet the individual's needs. There are everything from Delta to mesh caps with ventilating structures, often with moisture absorbing terry tape on the inside. Buy a cap that will support you along your journey to become and remain an active athlete! There are a great selection of gym caps here at Hatstore!