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About 150 years ago, in 1874, Lyle & Scott was founded in Scotland. It's a brand that creates retro-inspired caps and hats with a modern twist, featuring their signature logo - a flying eagle. Since its beginning, Lyle & Scott has been strongly associated with high quality, originality and authenticity. This has made Lyle & Scott caps and hats popular around the world. In 1975 Lyle & Scott was appointed purveyor to the Duke of Edinburgh, but today Lyle & Scott is worn by a wide range of people. A Lyle & Scott cap or beanie is a common sight everywhere, from golf courses to indie bands to British subcultures.

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Lyle and Scott

Lyle & Scott was founded by Willian Lyle and Walter Scott already back in 1874 in Scotland. The logo, a golden, flying eagle, has for over 100 years been seen on caps and beanies and it represents high quality, originality and authenticity.

A cap, beanie or snapback from Lyle & Scott has always been an obvious part of a sporty and sophisticated style. The brand was enormously popular among golfers in 1967 and it was seen as a significant sporting brand. Lyle & Scott was awarded purveyor of the court of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip of Great Britain, which strengthened the sophistication of the brand even further. The brand is aesthetic and they design retro-inspired caps and beanies with a modern twist. Lyle & Scott still inspires designers with their 125-year-old archive, with designers such as Christian Dior and Michael Kors, who have contributed with products that are loved by the fashion world.

Lyle& Scott's caps and beanies are still highly popular among golfers. Having said that, thanks to their unique combination of sophistication, retro and a sporty style, they are equally popular in the fashion world and among indie bands and British subcultures.