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In the chilly months, it's essential to have a beanie hat that not only keeps you warm but also complements your style. Why not opt for a timeless design, celebrated for its understated elegance? Dive into our extensive collection of traditional beanies, featuring esteemed brands like Burton, Wear Color, Reebok, Oakley, Quicksilver, and more. With such a diverse selection, you're bound to discover the perfect beanie that resonates with your style. Whether you need to shield your ears from the biting cold or simply want to add a classic touch to your ensemble, our traditional beanies are up to the task. Explore and find your next favorite beanie hat, here at Hatstore!

135 products
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Traditional beanies have a design that never falls out of fashion. Beanies have always been worn to keep the bearer's head warm. In the old days, it was particularly important for workers, sailors and farmers to keep their head warm as they spent most of their working day out in the icy cold weather.

The importance of beanies has varied with society's development and norms. One distinct example is that beanies used to show and identify you as a worker and the beanie even gave a Swedish political party its name in the 18th century . The party was called "The Beanies" and had got its name from the wealthy noblemen who thought beanies were derogative, as they were worn by people with low status in society. This perception of the beanie eventually vanished, but not until the 20th century. Today it's completely different. Just about everyone now wears a beanie and celebrities influence young people how to wear beanies in a smart looking fashionable way.

There is something unique about beanies that make them suit just about everyone. They come in an endless plethora of colours, patterns and materials. Now that clothing codes are more relaxed than some decades ago, there are even people who wear beanies with a suit on chilly days. Find the beanie that suits your style the best here at Hatstore!