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The laurel wreath is the trademark of the Fred Perry label and a well-known logo that is still popular in the fashion-conscious world - proudly displayed on all caps and hats of this brand. Fred Perry was a British tennis player who won 4 Wimbledon titles while creating his own brand on the side and quickly becoming known for his sense of style. It all started with a sweatband and has since evolved into a globally recognized fashion brand that includes caps and hats.

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Fred Perry was founded as early as 1952. It started with sweatbands for tennis players. The founder, tennis player Fred Perry, created the sweatband designs for himself. Fred Perry was a young working class lad who defied the British tennis snobs by winning 4 Wimbledon titles, while at the same time designing his own training and playing outfits. The Fred Perry logo, a wreath, was created based on the on court performance, and is associated with a robust and self-assurance style.

This assurance is reflected in the products still to this day where the wreath is proudly visible on caps and beanies. Fred Perry was considered the best-dressed player of his time, and now, half a century later, the brand is an iconic style that is as popular in the fashion world as it is a successful combination of sportswear and streetwear. A snapback, flatcap, cap or beanie from Fred Perry is strongly associated with authenticity, integrity and attitude.